We offer a wide diversity of search related services based on Apache Solr/Lucene ranging across the development life cycle. We have extensive experience in leveraging Solr for a wide variety of purposes and use it as the foundation tooling of our published research. Solr is a high-performance, highly scale-able full-text search engine providing faceting, dynamic clustering, and much more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites such as Amazon, LinkedIn, and Netflix. Solr is based on Lucene, an inverted document index, which can be leveraged for a diverse set of purposes: from no-SQL database to question answering system (as demonstrated by IBM with their Jeopardy Watson project).

  • Schema & Configuration
  • User Interface (UI)
    • Suggest as You Type
    • Relationship Walk
    • Custom Visualizations & Interactive Analytics
  • Search
    • Faceted (Distinct, Hierarchical, Pivot)
    • Semantic (Computational)
    • Analytics (user-driven content evaluation)
  • Data Probes, Cleansers, Filters, & Normalizers
  • Query Parsers, Indexers, and Tokenizers
  • Query Processors (Custom API)
    • Perspective Queries 
    • Gracefully Degrading Queries
    • Finite State Transducers
    • Rules Engines
  • Extraction
    • Entity 
    • Domain Specific Language 
  • Taxonomy & Ontology (manual or semi-automated or automated)
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Topic Modeling & Semantic Modeling (Computational Linguistic)
  • Regression
  • Load 
  • Fail Over
  • Health Check 
  • Monitoring
  • Trouble Shooting
    • Embedded
    • Pipe-lined
    • Cloud

  • Jump Start Adoption
  • Best Practices
  • Scaling, high availability and performance