Innovating how data is acquired, enriched, assimilated, visualized, searched . . . and ultimately brought to meaningful action.

Our core business is in helping companies get the most out of the data they work with, especially natural language and 
textual content. Our processing and visualizing capabilities help organizations unlock unrealized value from content previous found impenetrable. We offer a number of solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of content, from point of capture or creation, through enrichment and automated modeling, on to rich interactive visual analytics and predictive modeling - all oriented to towards facilitating discovery and maximizing content utilization.

Visually-oriented Search and Content Modeling

As organizations evolve to working with larger and larger data sets, the amount of time wasted searching and exploring there data rises dramatically. Being able to quickly and efficiently discover what is hidden within your content (text, html, pdf, word, etc) is critical. While most content is textually oriented, the fastest means of comprehend it is visual. The average person can only read 3.5 words per second, yet the human eye is capable of transmitting 32 mb per second of pictorial information. 

i4View lets your content to talk to you visually, quickly and pictorially surfacing patterns, outliers, inter-dependencies, and more - all in a visually oriented search experience

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Summarizing with drill-down



Comparative Utilization


Details in Context


i4View is compatible with any version of Solr. Please note, that as a visual analytic tool, it renders large visual illustrations and thus requires a minimum screen resolution of 1920 pixels × 1080 pixels (1080i). For optimal user experience, the recommended resolution is 1920 pixels × 1200 pixels.

Enriched Information APIs

As organizations evolve to working with larger and larger data sets, the amount of time wasted searching and exploring there data rises dramatically. We offer a diversity of Enriched APIs of extremely large data sets (aka Big Data) to support everything from advanced semantic search to machine learning and computational linguistics. Our processing pipelines are capable of ingesting any form of content (text, html, pdf, word, etc) and are designed to retain context while intelligently correcting a wide diversity of data corruption problems.

We have pre-packaged data sets of public content, such as Securities and Exchange Commission filings (spanning back 20 years):
  • 10-K
  • 10-Q
  • 8-K
  • Comment Letters
We also ingest and host private content for organizations, consortiums, and individuals.

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We do offer academic discounts.