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Our mission is to help our clients make their content more actionable. Our data science approach is trans-disciplinary, treating content as a raw material flowing horizontally between usages.  Our approach blends advanced parsing technology with machine learning and semantic encoding to enable rich interactive visualizations to facilitate discovery.

Our core business is in helping companies get the most out of the unstructured data they work with every day. Our natural language processing and visualizing capabilities help organizations unlock new value from content they previous found impenetrable. We offer a number of solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of making unstructured content more actionable - from point of capture or creation, through enrichment, to automated modeling with rich interactive visual and predictive analytics.

By taking a trans-disciplinary approach and treating content as a raw material flowing between usages in what we refer to as information supply chains (ISC). The ISC approach is based on recognizing the importance of metadata throughout the information lifecycle: starting with content at its point of capture, through enrichment and assimilation, all the way to the point of consumption with automated topic modeling and rich interactive visual analytics.

Information Supply Chain

Experts in metadata enrichment, computational linguistic (form of NLP) and visual analytic techniques, with decades of experience in large scale enterprise-wide systems design, development and integration, we help companies bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the practical issues of the business domain. Helping them extending the richness and reach of information fundamental to their business.

Whether it is the flow of existing business or new business ventures, we bring a diverse set of analytic and visual capabilities to bear, removing the traditional friction, rigidity and expense most companies have struggled with in leveraging their textual and unstructured content.

With over 30 years of experience in the practice of making information more actionable, we offer our clients a broad set of strategic and technical guidance in the adoption of advanced technology. From solutions design to technical architecture implementation, from search solutions and semantic modeling to generative topic models and information supply chain architecture, we have helped companies large and small to evolve, produce, and compete at levels and in ways they had previously not thought possible. And while we are proud of our clients, we take even greater pride in what we have been able to help them achieve.

The capabilities we offer are trans-disciplinary, ranging from acquisition and enrichment to modeling and visualization - all oriented towards facilitating discovery and maximizing utilization. Given our horizontal view of information, our services range across a series of capabilities.

Richness and Reach of Information