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Our core business is in helping companies get the most out of the data they work with, especially natural language and textual content. Our processing and visualizing capabilities help organizations unlock new value from content previous found impenetrable. We offer a number of solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pipe-lining content from point of capture or creation, through enrichment and automated modeling, on to rich interactive visual analytics and predictive modeling.

The capabilities we offer are trans-disciplinary, ranging from acquisition and enrichment to modeling and visualization - all oriented towards facilitating discovery and maximizing utilization. Given our horizontal view of information, our services range across the following capabilities:

Discovery Life Cycle

In a world demanding rich communications anywhere, any time, or on any device, our solutions enable enriched content and visualization services to help take informed action.

Typically these capabilities are assembled to facilitate text based discovery in big data. Helping companies to get their content talking - answering questions they could not previously ask.

Information Supply Chains

From harvesting content to achieving new insights - we provide our clients with capabilities to make their unstructured content highly actionable. The effective and efficient action of these capabilities, is founded on the essential qualities of information:

Acquiring - extracting every ounce of value

Data is the first step towards insight (without it, you can only speculate). We use a diverse set tools to obtain content, retaining context and metadata as data begins its journey towards becoming information.

Identifying - Big Data most often means lots of bad data

Data corruption is far more common than most stakeholders realize. Precision and robustness is required to detect and overcome the great diversity of distortion present in most data. Accurate identification is the foundation of the value of data - without it, data is noise at best or misleading at worst.

Normalizing - maximizing expressiveness and comparability

Data normalization maximizes value, enabling both expressiveness and comparability in data. We use techniques that enable data to be used in the broadest variety of contexts without washing away any expressiveness - seeking great flexibility without being utterly generic.

Enriching - enhancing what data has to offer

Raw data is often found amidst rich context but not explicitly encoded with it. Our enrichment techniques extract and encode the context and semantics as a set of queryable accurate media facilitating new insights.

Visualizing - a picture is worth a thousand words

Visualized information speeds its own consumption, aiding in discovery and comprehension, feeding the exploration of data. It is the first fundamental action with information - summarizing potential and guiding towards detail. Our rich library of visualizations helps your data speak a thousand words.

Searching - easy, fast and visually expressive findability

Search is a journey from information to knowledge and knowledge to insight with each query leading to both an answer and a new question. Our search implementations leverage, visual interactions, semantic encoding, and statistical computations - resulting in quicker, deeper and more actionable insights - search is a not a transaction but a conversation.

Modeling - making the data both intelligible and actionable

Is using statistical machine learning to create creating a formalized representation - an encoding that in its simplest form affirms an intuition and at its most complex automates the leveraging of an insight, making it actionable and reusable. In our work we leverage both generative (bayesian statistical) and discriminative (neural network) models.

Discovering - making meaningful realizations more frequent

Often the objective but rarely part of the implementation. Our information supply chains approach is not only to nurture insights, but then make them readily actionable.

The above capabilities have naturally synergies and have come together in a great diversity of solutions we have crafted for our clients. Typically they are assembled to facilitate discoveries in big data. Create and launch core value-added content services quickly and easily. Reduce time to revenue, personalize content and monetize on asset exposure. We also provide strategy and technical consulting services as well as contract research and development.

Custom Application Enablement

With over 25 years of experience, we offer our clients a broad set of strategic and technical guidance in the adoption of advanced technology. From solutions design to technical architecture implementation, from search solutions and semantic modeling to generative topic models and information supply chain architecture, we have helped companies large and small to evolve, produce, and compete at levels and in ways they had previously not thought possible. And while we are proud of our clients, we take even greater pride in what we have been able to help them achieve.