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Insight and discovery through intuitive 

and interactive visualizations of

unstructured content


Bringing Data Science within reach 


Intuitive and Interactive Information 

SEC Filing Analyzer

Insight and discovery of SEC Filings 

from  Proxy  Statements and Exhibits

to Annual Reports and Contracts


Searching by term, phrase, proximity, meaning, significance or context. Finding the obscure, the partially hidden, the known and the unknown. 

Discovering the context in which something exists, what it correlates to and what it does not.


Understanding the how terms and phrase are used uniquely within a given corpus or sub-context. 

While a dictionary may provide all known possible usages, each corpus has its own definitive use and meaning.  


Seeing the central topics and subjects within a corpus or a sub-slice of a corpus to learn its narrative.


Locating and classify events, products, people, organizations, places - hidden within volumes of content.


Discovering the composition and format of content to better navigate and interpret what is found. 

Words are most often written in a structural form: with informative headings and a layout that facilitates understanding - all of which is important metadata that can aid in it is use for purposes beyond reading linearly.


Understanding the nature of what exists by the content that surrounds it - be it terms, phrases, headings, topics. 

As noted by John Rupert Firth, You shall know a word by the company it keeps. Every Corpus uses words in their own way. 


Understanding the modes of expression within a Corpus - the noun and verb phrasing, idioms, syntax, diction . . . the choice of words, used in a corpus by convention or practice to form meaning in a given context.


Understanding how content has evolved over time